What we do

Technology Transfer to Scale, Innovate and Lead

Making Technology Transfer Part of your Growth Strategy

We work with advanced engineering companies to multiply value through B2B technology transfer programmes and ventures.

At MULTIPLY we have realised over £30m of opportunities for our clients since 2015. Since then we have worked with a portfolio of advanced engineering clients across space, aerospace and defence, automotive, energy, transport, and digital.

We provide low-risk routes to take your technology into new markets, new applications, or through new business models. We are focused on long-term relationships, where we can act as an extension to your business, reducing the impact on your resources.

MULTIPLY Technology Transfer Sprint

An 8-12 week business sprint to provide you with a ‘Technology Transfer: Plan in a Box’.


Understanding the market, the technology, and the business to define the propositions.

  • Market Research
  • Technology Review
  • Criteria Matrix
  • Ecosystem Mapping
  • Proposition Drafting


Industry engagement, prioritization and to market plan

  • Industry Engagement
  • Opportunity Pipeline Prioritised
  • Final Proposition Developed
  • To Market Plan
  • Model and revenue mechanism considerations

MULTIPLY Technology Transfer Build

Taking your technology transfer plan to market, acting as an extension to your business, freeing you up to do what you do best.


Building customer relationships and securing funding to execute the to-market plan

  • Finalised business plan
  • Customer pipeline
  • Funding pipeline
  • Customer proposals and agreements
  • Funding bids and agreements
  • Supporting Collateral


Managing a funded programme to market

  • Programme management and delivery
  • Customer management
  • Marketing and sales plan and execution
  • Operational plan and execution

MULTIPLY Technology

Rapid market and technology testing and development of a concept to prototype before creating a new company or absorbing into your core business. Suitable for individuals as well as businesses.

The programme can go through to prototype (Manage phase) or through to Mature and Move, taking the product to market. Key to the process is being able to make informed go/no-go decisions at each incremental stage.

The MULTIPLY Framework©

Our way of working originates from the double-diamond approach. MULTIPLY has refined this with MULTIPLIERS over the years to create the proprietary MULTIPLY Framework©.

Founded on the concept of design thinking, the MULTIPLY Framework© is a customer-led process focusing on rapid prototyping and iteration to enable informed decision making.

  1. Mine – Research and Analysis
  2. Manage – Proposition Definition and Prioritisation
  3. Make – Proposition Design and Customer Engagement
  4. Mature – Collaboration and Negotiation Toward Agreement with Customer
  5. Move – Agreement and Programme Delivered
multiply framework