Technology Transfer

New Markets: New Applications: New Models

Unleashing the potential of technology to MULTIPLY value

We work with advanced engineering companies, multiplying value through B2B technology transfer programmes and ventures

MULTIPLY Technology Transfer Sprint

A 12-week business sprint delivering a ‘Technology Transfer: Plan in a Box’

MULTIPLY Technology Transfer Build

Taking your technology transfer plan to market, acting as an extension to your business, freeing you up to do what you do best

MULTIPLY Technology

Rapid market and technology development from a concept to a prototype within MULTIPLY. Suitable for individuals as well as businesses


"All R&D companies like ours have good ideas but despite popular belief even good ideas don’t sell themselves. Multiply are a key part of our strategy to put our ideas in front the right people at the right time in the right way to maximize our chance of success."

Jeremy Bliss, Director, Steamology Motion Ltd

“MULTIPLY’s entrepreneurial mindset and unique experience, from digital in FTSE100 companies to the commercialisation of space rockets, brings a fresh perspective to Donaco that has been integral when navigating the early stages of building a tech startup. MULTIPLY is extremely approachable and have provided key insights as we developed our customer proposition, built commercial partnerships and defined our route to market. As we are now preparing to raise a seed round of funding, we know we can rely on MULTIPLY to strategically guide us and ensure we successfully reach our next milestone.”

Michael Moses, Founder, Donaco

Natasha and Clarisse seamlessly integrated into our small team that was finalising a two year European Space Agency Demonstration Package. They were able to bring expert resource across a number of disciplines to help guide our transition from a pure R&D business to become commercially focused, strategically aware, and structurally sound to begin our journey of selling to a multi-billion pound global market place."

Julian Martin-Redman, Director, Point4Geo

"Multiply Space are an elite member of the National Security and Resilience Consortium...

...In her own right Natasha has demonstrated dynamic, proactive and incisive interventions within the consortium which has gained the respect of all members. Her integrity, honour, ethical standards, professionalism  and commitment towards any task undertaken is something for which the  NS&RC leadership team is eternally grateful.

We commend Natasha and the Multiply Space team  to potential clients and have every confidence in recommending them for project consultancy , however complex or challenging."

John Baker, Head of Global Operations, NSRC

"MULTIPLY designed and led a proposition programme exploring new markets and business models that could realise step-change opportunities. They effectively engaged with the leadership team to simplify a very complex topic in a two-day workshop. Delivering tangible outputs with clear propositions to take forward.

Our experience of MULTIPLY was primarily associated with Natasha Allden.  Natasha’s passion, for value creation comes through in every aspect of her work.  She attracts other very credible individuals to work with her, who then also focus very much on creating value.  The deep domain expertise was a key factor for us, elevating the intervention above the usual offerings.  This enabled a rapid sense of relevance and realism for the team, whilst also being extremely proactive and progressive.  Hence participants found it an inspiring and developmental activity that lifted their horizons and work into a more strategic level, whilst also generating outputs which were meaningful for them and for the business to take forward."

Dr. Miles Adcock, President Space & Quantum, Teledyne e2v

"The next wave of innovation in the space sector is going to be underpinned by robotics and autonomous operations.  Through leadership in regulation, the UK has a large proportion of start-ups in the area of in-orbit servicing and debris removal.  By building capability in autonomous robotic operations needed for servicing and debris removal, these capabilities can strongly position the UK for future opportunities based around in-orbit construction and assembly.  From fractionated constellations to massive antenna and telescopes to space energy and exploration the need and opportunity for robotics is huge. The UK has strong robotics capability in academia and adjacent industries and bringing these communities toward the space sector is a critical element in supporting the UK toward a strong an ambitious future in space. The work of Multiply space is a key part of this and we look forward to supporting these efforts and pulling the communities together to drive prosperity and growth."

Sam Adlen, Chief Strategy Officer, Satellite Applications Catapult

What we do

We work with advanced engineering companies to multiply value through B2B technology transfer programmes and ventures.

At MULTIPLY we have realised over £30m of opportunities for our clients since 2015. Since then we have worked with a portfolio of advanced engineering clients across space, aerospace and defence, automotive, energy, transport, and digital.

We provide a low-risk routes to take your technology into new markets, new applications, or through new business models. We are focused on long-term relationships, where we can act as an extension to your business, reducing the impact on resources.

About Multiply

Natasha founded MULTIPLY in 2015 with the vision to unleash the potential in technology and people to realise value through technology transfer.

“When I got a call in 2015 from a contact asking 'Do you want to come and play with rocket cars?' I, of course, said yes.

When I first saw the supersonic car I marveled at the ingenuity and technology that made up this perfectly aerodynamic system. What I also saw was untapped potential – potential to commercialise and build sustainable business and industries by looking at the challenge laterally. I asked myself, how do you sustain, scale, and de-risk advanced engineering companies of the future, that’s when I founded MULTIPLY.”

Natasha Allden, CEO

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The Student Consultancy Project

By MULTIPLY | February 25, 2021

MULTIPLY is pleased to have been selected by Queen Mary University of London to participate in the Student Consultancy Project. The project gives students the opportunity to work as a multidisciplinary team, to solve business and enterprise challenges.  MULTIPLY has challenged students to research technology transfer strategies, policies and programmes within governments across Europe. Focus…

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Reflecting on 2020

By MULTIPLY | December 16, 2020

At the beginning of 2020 I wrote an article highlighting four key trends that we had picked up on covering the growth of the space economy, the increase in private and public investment, the growth of sustainability in space and the increased collaboration across and between sectors. Despite the unprecedented year we’ve faced with COVID…

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Collaboration with University of Leicester School of Business

By MULTIPLY | November 4, 2020

Business Challenge Call Announcement MULTIPLY is excited to have been selected by the University of Leicester School of Business to work with a third-year management student on a unique technology transfer challenge.   The business innovation challenge is to understand if, and how, small to medium sized space agencies and centres globally are transferring technology…

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